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Using digital tools
to enhance communication
in the new normal

For work-style reform during the global COVID-19 pandemic

Telework has increased rapidly due to COVID-19 and is now drawing attention not just as a step to prevent the spread of COVID-19 but as a new style of work. Meanwhile, telework presents problems and concerns associated with workers not going to the office.
Here are concrete solutions to address such concerns.

COVID-19's impact increases
around the world

This year, various nations have begun offering vaccines to the public, but some Western nations continue to enforce strict measures by closing borders and instituting lockdowns.

Even some nations in Southeast Asia are keeping workers from going to the office to stop the spread of COVID-19, instead promoting remote work and work from home. This indicates a worldwide trend to adapt to the virus.

COVID-19's impact increases around the world

Current state of telework

Current state of telework

Anyone can telework with just a PC or smartphone and an Internet connection, but there are many issues that come up when the workplace is not the office. This requires us to adopt perspectives different from those of conventional organizational management.

Shown on the left is an example survey administered in Japan, but the communication issues as well as monitoring and responding to how employees work must be shared issues among nations, though there are likely differences in degree.

3 concrete issues
arising after introducing telework

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