Our Purpose and Values

We contribute to the growth and wealth of global society by providing timely, efficient and environmentally friendly IT and telecommunications related services.

We continuously strive to excel in helping our customers achieve their evolving goals by offering cutting edge, bespoke solutions and advanced technologies.

We provide our employees with adequate compensation and benefits; we facilitate their professional satisfaction through personal development and the steady and continuous growth of our company's operations.

KDDI America Purpose and Values

Tomorrow, Together KDDI

Who determines the future? And where does it start?

The future isn't a mystery someone conjures up somewhere.
It's not something long-awaited that comes from afar.
The future exists inside each and every one of us.
That's why KDDI wants to connect the people of the world,
linking ideas and businesses as closely as possible and
connecting possibilities like dots across a page to
transcend borders, defy convention, and overcome limitations.
We know that encounters spark inspiration and nurture creativity.
That's why we want to keep connecting.
By combining communications with life design,
we will help the world grow in a powerful, sustainable way.
No one knows what the future holds,
but that's exactly what makes life interesting.
With a reliable partner like KDDI at your side,
every obstacle becomes a welcome challenge.

The future is more exciting when you create it yourself.
So let's move forward, together, and explore the extraordinary.

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