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KDDI Singapore supports your business as your IT partner.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Established in 1961, we (KDDI Singapore) have 50 years of experience in Singapore as a core company of the Asia Pacific in the global business strategy of KDDI Corporation.

We are the best partner for companies that have challenging information technology needs in the global business environment and who look for a complete one-stop solutions company. Our services make our customers' businesses easier to manage while allowing them to work toward their corporate goals more efficiently.

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We provide high-quality network service and Internet service based on one of the most reliable cable line in Asia and long-term relationships with Asian IT carriers.

We provide also an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Solution service that totally supports customers' businesses, from cable wiring to office relocation, office renovation, the setup of IT facilities such as telephones, PCs, and NW servers, and cloud services.

And, we have our own data center facility, Telehouse Singapore. Our colocation services offer a solid infrastructure that provides uninterrupted power in a secure, climate-controlled environment and 24x7 first-level support to help satisfy customers' equipment housing needs. We also provide DR/BCP services to ensure business continuity for customers in the event of serious natural disasters or accidents.

Our principal policy in business is "To be the No. 1 company for Customer Satisfaction."

KDDI Singapore has been developing business activities to provide better service by carefully considering what is needed from the individual perspective of every one of our customers, and having each and every one of our employees ask themselves what they can do for our customers.

We believe that we can increase customer satisfaction and build a long-term robust relationship of trust with our customers through our corporate activities based on the above basic approach. Through this, we will achieve our corporate goal of Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS). It is our honor to assist your overseas development with our services.

As we do so, we look forward to your continued support and guidance.

Thank you.

Managing Director Naohiko Ota

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